FOCUS Women Photographers

FOCUS Women Photographers

Women Photographers in Focus highlights the outstanding work of women photographers from the invention of the medium in the 19th century to the present day and helps to make these achievements visible so that they can find their way into the history of photography and art.

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FOCUS Women Photographers


One of the focal points of FOTO WIEN is to highlight the outstanding work of women photographers in order to counteract the still prevailing museum and art historical dominance of male positions within the medium. The works on display are diverse in terms of content and aesthetics. They stand for the diversity of women's photographic work, whereby the exhibition above all enables an examination of works by women photographers who are still little known in Austria. What all women artists have in common is their reflection on political and social issues.


Laia Abril, Alia Ali, Poulomi Basu, Nakeya Brown, Pixy Liao, Paola Paredes, Sọr̀ọ ̀Sókè (Kollektiv), Annegret Soltau, The Journal (Kollektiv), Carmen Winant


Verena Kaspar-Eisert & Cheryl Newman

  • © Pixy Liao, 2014.jpg Pixy Liao, Experimental Relationship, 2014 © Pixy Liao
  • © Nakeya Brown.jpg If Nostalgia Were Colored Brown © Nakeya Brown
  • © Nakeya Brown (2).jpg Some Assembly © Nakeya Brown
  • MenstruationMyths_PMS.png Laia Abril, PMS, aus der Serie: Menstruation Myths, 2018-2021 © Laia Abril, Courtesy: Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris
  • CENTRALIA_001.jpeg Poulomi Basu, Centralia, 2020 © Poulomi Basu


FOTOTECHNIKa deals with the primarily male connotated field of photographic technology and technical manuals in order to critically reflect and break down these historically shaped stereotypical gender attributions, but also to subject them to a reinterpretation.


Caroline Heider, Ruth Horak, Lisa Rastl, Claudia Rohrauer


Ruth Horak