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Photo technology is difficult, heavy and dirty, therefore male? Manuals on photographic technique are male?. But exceptions become the rule - female photographers with an affinity for technology are the protagonists and topics of the symposium with lectures and artistic presentations by Caroline Heider, Ruth Horak, Ulrike Matzer, Lisa Rastl, Claudia Rohrauer and Katharina Steidl.

Symposium on 12 March 22, 15:00-18:00

The symposium will be held in German

Participants: Caroline Heider, Ruth Horak, Ulrike Matzer, Lisa Rastl, Claudia Rohrauer, Katharina Steidl

What about the Material?

On dealing with photography

"What about the Material? On Dealing with Photographs" is a two-day symposium at FOTO WIEN with over 30 panellists from the German-speaking photography scene. Six moderated panel discussions will focus on different practices in dealing with photography. Topics include the ever-evolving challenges for the teaching and presentation of photography, and institutional politics in dealing with photo collections. We will address the positioning of photography between art and commissioned work, and between art and mass medium. A key concern of the symposium is to bring the voices of artists into the debate. It will not only focus on getting to know how they deal with the medium and their working methods, but also on listening to their needs and points of view in order to identify new fields of action for politics and institutions.

Symposium on 18 and 19 March 22

The symposium will be held in German

Start: 18 March, 14:30

Welcome: Bettina Leidl, Director, MuseumsQuartier Vienna

Introduction Maren Lübbke-Tidow, author and curator as well as artistic director of the European Month of Photography in Berlin


Symposium: Day 1

18 March

15:00 From the Institutions I

Being an artist and communicating photography, teaching photography, asserting photography

Input Eva Leitolf, Maria Ziegelböck, Thomas Freiler, Gregor Neuerer, Anja Manfredi

Moderation Dr. Christina Natlacen, image scientist in the field of photography and film

16:30 From the Institutions II

Photographic Collections in Austria - How Narrow is the Field of Art, or: How Far Does Photography Reach?

Input Walter Moser, Thorsten Sadowsky, Alfred Weidinger, Kurt Kaindl, Nikolaus Brandstätter

Moderation Nela Eggenberger, Editor-in-Chief EIKON

18:00 From the Studios I

Photography at the interface between art and commission: where/how does art assert itself here?

Input Anaïs Horn, Georg Petermichl, Werner Kaligofsky, Elfie Semotan

Moderation Verena Kaspar-Eisert,

Symposium: Day 2

19 March

14:00 From the Studios II

What do you think about the material? On dealing with photographs and their archives/archiving

Input Anna Artaker, Sabine Folie, Sophie Thun, Christian Wachter, Rebecca Wilton

Moderation Reinhard Braun, artistic direction Camera Austria

15:30 From the future I

In Times of Digital Image Technologies and Networked Images: Photography between Art and Mass Medium

Input Günther Selichar, Maria L. Felixmüller, Andreas Langfeld, Beate Gütschow

Moderation Marc Ries, Prof. for Sociology and Theory of the Media

17:00 From the future II

Collecting feedback: What is missing? And what does a museum of photography look like in the past, present and future? Visions for photography in old/new institutional contexts.

Keynote Bernd Stiegler

Roundtable Martin Hochleitner, Ruth Horak, Rainer Iglar, Veronica Kaup-Hasler, Bettina Leidl

Moderation Maren Lübbke-Tidow, Author and curator as well as artistic director of the European Month of Photography, Berlin