ALTE KINOS im IRAN. Josef Polleross @ hinterland

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  • 7 p.m.
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    Hinterland Galerie
  • 28_Josef Polleross_Abadan_Cinema Shirin_2017_C_Josef Polleross Josef Polleross, Abadan, Cinema Shirin, 2017 © Josef Polleross
  • 28_Josef Polleross_Isfahan_Cinema Talar Andisheh_2016_C_Josef Polleross Josef Polleross, Isfahan, Cinema Talar Andisheh, 2016 © Josef Polleross
  • 28_Josef Polleross_Isfahan_ Cinema Khanevadeh_2016_C_Josef Polleross Josef Polleross, Isfahan, Cinema Khanevadeh, 2016 © Josef Polleross
  • 28_Josef Polleross_Isfahan_Cinema Sepahan_2016_C_Josef Polleross Josef Polleross, Isfahan, Cinema Sepahan, 2016 © Josef Polleross
  • 198_Masha Godovannaya_Along With The Phoenix_2008_C_Masha Godoannaya Masha Godovannaya, Along With The Phoenix, 2008 © Masha Godoannaya
  • 28_Josef Polleross_Rasht_Cinema Bahman_2017_C_Josef Polleross Josef Polleross, Rasht, Cinema Bahman, 2017 © Josef Polleross
  • 28_Josef Polleross_Tabriz, Cinema Philestine_2016_C_Josef Polleross Josef Polleross, Tabriz, Cinema Philestine, 2016 © Josef Polleross

Austrian photographer Josef Polleross has been documenting old movie theatres in Iran since 2015. He has travelled the country several times, photographed many of the cinemas that have survived and talked to their operators. A piece of contemporary history he tries to conserve.

The first cinema in Iran opened 1904 in Tehran. With the foundation of the National Film Society in 1949, the foundation stone was laid for alternative cinema. The international success of Iranian film began with Kiarostami’s film A Taste of Cherry, which was awarded the Palme d'Or in Cannes in 1997. At the end of the Shah era in 1979, 524 cinemas were in operation, over a hundred of which were burned to the ground during the Revolution, the ones that survived being closed down. Cinemas reopened only after the Iran-Iraq war began, with the intention of mobilizing the public for the war. About half of the cinemas that date back to the era before the revolution are still in operation today.

Exhibition run: 04.04. – 18.05.2019
Opening: 03.04.2019, 7 p.m.

Participating artist: Josef Polleross

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