Annette Kelm. Tomato Target

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    Kunsthalle Wien
  • 303_Annette Kelm_Still Life with Spring_2017_C_Annette Kelm und König Galerie, Berlin Annette Kelm, Still Life with Spring, 2017 © Annette Kelm und König Galerie, Berlin
  • 303_Annette Kelm_"Untitled" (Rider)_2005_C_Annette Kelm und König Galerie, Berlin Annette Kelm, "Untitled" (Rider), 2005 © Annette Kelm und König Galerie, Berlin

Annette Kelm’s photographs show seemingly simple, but at the same time unruly motifs that draw on genres such as still life, object and studio photography, or classical architectural photography but don’t conform entirely with their conventions. They flatten things onto the plane or multiply them into series. Often depicted frontally and with great sharpness of detail, the minimal yet visually opulent object worlds seem to emphasize their translation into the two-dimensional space of photography.

Kelm’s conceptual approach, coupled with a high degree of image definition and neutral light, lends a poignant presence to the depicted world of objects.

The exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien focuses on works in which architecture, design, or constellations of everyday objects prove to be visual manifestations of complex genealogies.

Exhibition run: 14.12.2018 – 24.03.2019
Opening: 13.12.2018, 7 p.m.

Curator: Nicolaus Schafhausen
Participating artist: Annette Kelm

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23.03.2019, 11 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. Children’s workshop: Out of the Ordinary (DE)
6–10 years
Limited to 20 participants
Registration requested:
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With wienXtra-Kinderaktivcard free admission
Accompanying person: 4 Euro
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22.03.2019, 6 p.m. Guided tour: Meine Sicht with Julia Gaisbacher (DE)
For Meine Sicht experts, laypersons and interesting personalities guide visitors through the exhibition and talk about their views on the exhibition.
Julia Gaisbacher is an artist; her work deals with the complex connections between social conventions in public space, architecture and representation.
Free admission

24.03.2019, 4 p.m. Guided tour: The Urgency of the Casual (DE/EN)
Free with museums ticket