Camera Lucida

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  • 6 p.m.
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    das weisse haus
  • 93_Buchcover Camera Lucida_1984_C_Camera Lucida Buchcover, Camera Lucida, 1984 von Nova Fronteira herausgegeben (Brasilien) © Camera Lucida
  • 93_Buchcover Camera Lucida_1997_C_Camera Lucida Buchcover, Camera Lucida, 1997 von Youlhwadang herausgegeben (Korea) © Camera Lucida
  • 93_Buchcover Camera Lucida_1981_C_Camera Lucida Buchcover, Camera Lucida, 1981 von Hill and Wang herausgegeben (USA) © Camera Lucida
  • 93_Buchcover Camera Lucida_C_Camera Lucida Buchcover Camera Lucida © Camera Lucida

Published in 1980, Camera Lucida is undeniably one of the most relevant books about the photographic medium. This exhibition with the same title will showcase a series of artworks arranged in a specific temporal order. It is through this choreographed succession of works and their consequently impermanence on site that Roland Barthes' book will be visually and poetically revisited. Shaped in the form of an audiovisual essayistic exhibition, the show "Camera Lucida" aims to function as a new way of reading Barthes’ text, a reading that could be described as deconstructed, fractured, or distracted, similarly addressing our contemporary modes of apprehending visual and textual information.

Exhibition run: 20.02. – 30.03.2019
Opening: 19.02.2019, 7 p.m.
Walk with curator Enar de Dios Rodríguez: 21.03.2019, 6 p.m.

Curator: Enar de Dios Rodríguez
Participating artists: Ignasi Aballí, Helena Almeida, William Anastasi, Claudia Angelmaier, Maria Anwander, Fayçal Baghriche, Jeremy Deller, Alicia Eggert, Claire Fontaine, Ana Frechilla, Cristina Garrido, Irene Grau, Tae-Bum Ha, Kiluanji Kia Henda, David Horvitz, Pierre Huyghe, William E. Jones, Kurt Kren, Ben Long, Lucia Nimcová, Tatzu Nishi, Nils Nova, Mike Parr, Sreshta Rit Premnath, Pilvi Takala, Penelope Umbrico

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