Cum pane. Fotografien und Fragmente

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  • 3 p.m.
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    Studio Zobl Schneider
  • 161_Zobl Schneider_Jausenbus_2007/2018_C_Zobl Schneider Zobl Schneider, Jausenbus, 2007/2018 © Zobl Schneider
  • 161_Zobl Schneider_Der Besuch_2007/2018_C_Zobl Schneider Zobl Schneider, Der Besuch, 2007/2018 © Zobl Schneider
  • 161_Zobl Schneider_Chefzimmer_2007/2018_C_Zobl Schneider Zobl Schneider, Chefzimmer, 2007/2018 © Zobl Schneider
  • 161_Zobl Schneider_Stiegenhaus_2007/2018_C_Zobl Schneider Zobl Schneider, Stiegenhaus, 2007/2018 © Zobl Schneider
  • 161_Zobl Schneider_Sekretariat_2007/2018_C_Zobl Schneider Zobl Schneider, Sekretariat, 2007/2018 © Zobl Schneider

Beatrix Zobl and Wolfgang Schneider open their studio and show current projects.

The “company” as a cell of economic activity in capitalism: in their artistic research, Beatrix Zobl and Wolfgang Schneider take a look at a metal-working industrial enterprise to examine the “secret working day.” What can be said, apart from numbers and careers, about working – about the activity that makes up a large part of our lives? In photographs, videos and interviews with workers, the artists search for signs and structures. In the process, it becomes increasingly visible in how far their own activity has to be regarded as work.

Cum pane refers to the original meaning of the term “company”: the company in which bread is shared (lat. cum pane) as a society whose rules are at the same time set, and have yet to be shaped.

Exhibition run: 07.04. – 13.04.2019
Opening: 06.04.19, 3 p.m.

Participating artists: Beatrix Zobl und Wolfgang Schneider

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