Desert in Transition. Genoveva Kriechbaum

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  • 6 p.m.
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    Gallery Tony Subal
  • 41_Genova Kriechbaum_Pipeline Crossing,_UAE_2010_C_Genoveva Kriechbaum Genoveva Kriechbaum, Pipeline Crossing, UAE, 2010 © Genoveva Kriechbaum
  • 41_Genoveva Kriechbaum_Merry-Go-Round_Abu Dhabi_UAE_2010_C_Genoveva Kriechbaum Genoveva Kriechbaum, Merry-Go-Round, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2010 © Genoveva Kriechbaum
  • 41_Genoveva Kriechbaum_Working in Sunshine_Fujairah_UAE_2010_C_Genoveva Kriechbaum Genoveva Kriechbaum, Working in Sunshine, Fujairah, UAE, 2010 © Genoveva Kriechbaum
  • 41_Genoveva Kriechbaum_RAGS TO RICHES_Sharjah_UAE_2012_C_Genoveva Kriechbaum Genoveva Kriechbaum, RAGS TO RICHES, Sharjah, UAE, 2012 © Genoveva Kriechbaum
  • 41_Genoveva Kriechbaum_Vision_UAE_2010_C_Genoveva Kriechbaum Genoveva Kriechbaum,Vision, UAE, 2010 © Genoveva Kriechbaum

The exhibition presents the photographic memoirs of Genoveva Kriechbaum. The series Desert in Transition resembles a mosaic of memories and impressions of the emergence of the new desert empire in the United Arab Emirates.

The search for a new cultural identity from Bedouin to future-oriented cosmopolitan has begun. In the first years it was still palpable and tangible: the vast, sandy hinterland, the intoxicating desert silence and the rippling of time. If one left the glistening, asphalted roads, one found oneself in the sand, between camels passing first skyscrapers and wandering dunes. However, with every new construction site – before the financial crisis of 2008, 25% of the world’s building cranes were in the United Arab Emirates – the desert began to retreat. The camel herds became sparser until they were no longer visible to the naked eye. Even the shifting dunes seemed to have disappeared. With almost theatrical ambitions, the old was torn down or replaced in order to give room to new visions.

Exhibition run: 22.03. – 20.04.2019
Eröffnung: 21.03.2019, 6 p.m.

Participating artist: Genoveva Kriechbaum

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