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  • 8 p.m.
  • Place
    Festival Centre
  • 333_Matthias Dorninger_Romabegraebnis_2010_C_Matthias Dorninger.jpg Matthias Dorninger, Romabegräbnis, 2010 © Matthias Dorninger
  • 333_Jana Scherr_Knochen_2018_C_Jana Scherr.jpg Jana Scherr, Knochen, 2018 © Jana Scherr
  • 333_Magdalena Hassek_Camouflage_2018_C_Magdalena Hassek.jpg Magdalena Hassek, Camouflage, 2018 © Magdalena Hassek
  • 333_Sebastian Fiedler_Karim Hadaya_Tobias Mueller_MacXimum_2017_C_Sebastian Fiedler_Karim Hadaya_Tobias Muêller.jpg Sebastian Fiedler, Karim Hadaya und Tobias Müller, MacXimum, 2017 © Sebastian Fiedler, Karim Hadaya und Tobias Müller
  • 333_Nilo Klotz_Peter Walde_Valentin Zelger_Laaerbergbad_2016_C_Nilo Klotz_Peter Walde_Valentin Zelger.jpg Nilo Klotz, Peter Walde und Valentin Zelger, Laaerbergbad, 2016 © Nilo Klotz, Peter Walde und Valentin Zelger

The slideshow Einblicke (Insights) shows photographs from projects of pupils and students of the Department of Photography at the “Graphische.” The pictures come from different media, such as photo books, exhibitions, or digital projects and reflect the broad range of courses at the Graphische. They represent genres as diverse as documentary and conceptual series, portrait, fashion, landscape and architectural photography, still lifes and food productions. The openness and inclusiveness of teaching at the Graphische encourages a content-oriented examination of applied and free photography. The emphasis is on a symbiosis of design and technical execution. The results are as varied and individual as the medium of photography itself.

Exhibition run: 21.03. – 06.04.2019
Opening: 20.03.2019, 8 p.m.

Curators: Ulrich Eigner, Doris Herlinger, Annegret Kohlmayer, Bettina Letz
Participating artists: Pupils and students of the Department of Photography at the Graphische

E andrea.rotter@graphische.net
T +43 1 982 39 140