Freizeit, Baustelle

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  • 6 p.m.
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    Kulturverein Fortuna
  • 118_Christian Fischer_St. Marx_2016_C_Christian Fischer.jpg Christian Fischer, St. Marx, 2016 © Christian FIscher
  • 118_Maximilian Schneller_St. Marx Skater Niki Katranas_2018_C_Maximilian Schneller.jpg Maximilian Schneller, St. Marx Skater Niki Katranas, 2018 © Maximilian Schneller
  • 118_Jan Schiefermair_Spoff_2015_C_Jan Schiefermair.jpg Jan Schiefermair, Spoff, 2015 © Jan Schiefermair
  • 118_Maximilian Schneller_St. Marx_2018_C_Maximilian Schneller.jpg Maximilian Schneller, St. Marx, 2018 © Maximilian Schneller
  • 118_Keno Meiners_Alm_2014_Kenno Meiners.jpg Kenno Meiners, Alm, 2014 © Kenno Meiners

A group of skateboarders has been reclaiming waste grounds and unused areas to build concrete ramps for several years. Sometimes illegally, sometimes on the basis of interim contracts, the group members have taken the initiative in designing their environment, trying to realise their yearning for freedom.

The non-hierarchical group plans, organises, finances and builds according to its own ideas and needs. Unused and deserted sites experience a revival that goes beyond skateboarding: art is created, concerts are held, vegetable beds are laid out and communal open-air cooking takes place.

Since 2011, approximately 420 tons of concrete have been formed into ramps with bare hands. Three major projects were created in Vienna during this period: Spoff, Alm and St. Marx.

While Spoff and Alm have been torn down by the property owners and are deserted again, the St. Marx square is still in use, and building and skating takes place. The interim contract expires at the end of 2019.

The exhibition documents, in analogue black-and-white photographs, the various stages of the projects, the lifestyles of the protagonists and the daily hustle and bustle at the locations.

Exhibition run: 22.03. – 20.04.2019
Opening: 21.03.2019, 6 p.m.

Curator: Jan Schiefermair
Participating artists: Christian Fischer, Keno Meiners, Jan Schiefermair, Maximilian Schneller

Kulturverein Fortuna
Westbahnstraße 25/2, 1070 Vienna
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Free admission

20.04.2019, 6 p.m.: Closing event