Future of the Past @ FIN. Harald Hund

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  • 7 p.m.
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  • 106_Harald Hund_Verkehrsministerium Seite_2013_C_Harald Hund Harald Hund, Verkehrsministerium Seite, 2013 © Harald Hund
  • 106_Harald Hund_East Gate_2012_C_Harald Hund Harald Hund, East Gate, 2012 © Harald Hund
  • 106_Harald Hund_Sewan_2013_C_Harald Hund Harald Hund, Sewan, 2013 © Harald Hund
  • 106_Harald Hund_Zirk_2018_C_Harald Hund Harald Hund, Zirk, 2018 © Harald Hund

The photo series Future of the Past deals with utopian-looking architecture in the former communist countries of the “Eastern Bloc” and the former Soviet Union. The architectural appearance of the buildings still reflects – like a shadow of the past – the utopian belief in the future of a socialist society. Today, most of the buildings have been left to decay and symbolize the failure of a social utopia. The artist Harald Hund is fascinated by the futuristic form of the buildings, which transcends the boundaries of modern architecture and seems to defy gravity.

Exhibition run: 23.03. – 20.04.2019
Opening: 22.03.2019, 7 p.m.

Participating artist: Harald Hund

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