Gabriela Morawetz. UNWÄGBARKEITEN

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  • 300_Gabriela Morawetz_26/05/2015 B_C_Gabriela Morawetz/AnzenbergerGallery Gabriela Morawetz, 26/05/2015 B © Gabriela Morawetz/AnzenbergerGallery
  • 300_Gabriela Morawetz_07/10/2018_C_Gabriela Morawetz/AnzenbergerGallery Gabriela Morawetz, 07/10/2018 © Gabriela Morawetz/AnzenbergerGallery
  • 300_Gabriela Morawetz_14/01/2018_C_Gabriela Morawetz/AnzenbergerGallery Gabriela Morawetz, 14/01/2018 © Gabriela Morawetz/AnzenbergerGallery
  • 300_Gabriela Morawetz_04/2015 B_C_Gabriela Morawetz/AnzenbergerGallery Gabriela Morawetz, 04/2015 B © Gabriela Morawetz/AnzenbergerGallery

Reproductions cannot do justice to Gabriela Morawetz’s works. Although they are photographic works, they seem more like three-dimensional objects. They are complex works of art on canvas, glass and metal in which reflections play with matter.

With Morawetz, photography enters a new dimension. Working in weightlessness, free from earth’s gravitational pull, seems like a metaphor for the artist’s way of working. Detached from reality, completely absorbed in an idea, propelled by a fundamental energy towards an unknown result.

Her explorations turn Morawetz into an alchemist who succeeds in combining the magical properties of the material with the practice of experimentation; her artistic practice oscillates between studio and darkroom. Morawetz turned her hand to photography after studying painting, sculpture and etching at the Academy of Arts in Krakow. All these techniques are echoing through her work.

Exhibition run: 20.02. – 30.04.2019
Opening: 16.02.2019, 2 p.m.

Curator: Regina Maria Anzenberger
Participating artist: Gabriela Morawetz

Brotfabrik Wien, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna
Wed – Sat 12 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Free admission

06.04.2019, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.: Talk (EN)
Artist’s talk und breakfast
Limited number of participants: max. 35. Registration requested until 04.04.2019: