Jorge Fuembuena

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  • 6:30 p.m.
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    Galerie Frey
  • 315_Jorge Fuembuena_InsideINSECT_Girl with skull_C_Jorge Fuembuena.jpg Jorge Fuembuena
  • 315_Jorge Fuembuena_InsideINSECT_The Fire_C_Jorge Fuembuena Jorge Fuembuena, InsideINSECT, The Fire © Jorge Fuembuena
  • 315_Jorge Fuembuena_Serie FORCES_C_Jorge Fuembuena Jorge Fuembuena, Serie FORCES © Jorge Fuembuena
  • 315_Jorge Fuembuena_Serie The End of Cathedrals_ICE_C_Jorge Fuembuena Jorge Fuembuena, Serie The End of Cathedrals - ICE © Jorge Fuembuena
  • 315_Jorge Fuembuena_Serie Elba & Maya_C_Jorge Fuembuena Jorge Fuembuena, Serie Elba & Maya © Jorge Fuembuena
  • 315_Jorge Fuembuena_Serie DEMO 3 derecha_C_Jorge Fuembuena Jorge Fuembuena, Serie DEMO 3 derecha © Jorge Fuembuena

The exhibition shows selected works by the Spanish artist Jorge Fuembuena, which – coming from different series – thematically complement each other.

In the project INSIDE INSECT, Fuembuena poetically and evocatively addresses the themes of death and faith. The series Elba & Maya tells us about two little girls, shows their reaction to the death of their mother and establishes a connection between nature and landscape. The works from the FORCES series show landscapes in a more poetic and sculptural sense. The series The End of CATHEDRALS explores the forces of nature as well as the relationship between man and nature. The glacier, for instance, becomes a metaphor in the field of tensions between life and death, order and chaos as well as reality and fiction. Juxtaposing opposing forces plays a central role in the artist’s work.

Exhibition run: 22.03. – 09.05.2019
Opening: 21.03.2019, 6:30 p.m.

Participating artist: Jorge Fuembuena

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