KONRAD - OOREBEEK. in Widerspruch, zusammen

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  • 11 a.m.
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    Galerie Raum mit Licht
  • 101_Aglaia Konrad_IL CRETTO_2018_C_Aglaia Konrad_2.jpg Aglaia Konrad, IL CRETTO, 2018 © Aglaia Konrad
  • 101_Aglaia Konrad_IL CRETTO_2018_C_Aglaia Konrad.jpg Aglaia Konrad, IL CRETTO, 2018 © Aglaia Konrad

Under the title in Widerspruch, zusammen Aglaia Konrad and Willem Oorebeek prolong the intention to question the status of the image in a new context exploring the properties of the image in manifold directions.

Aglaia Konrad developed a huge archive dealing with urbanism, architecture, sculpture, film. Her latest interest concerns the so called ‘Rückbau’ (building backward) processes that deal as a necessary ratio of development; taking ‘Rückbau’ as a sculptural process is quiet a unique perspective in order to not simple conform/confirm the demolition act as an aspect of progress. She even assesses the physical debris as a sculptural investment in the image.

Willem Oorebeek investigates the image and its status in the way that the image is used in printed matter as an element of visual communication. The series that emerge tries to find the delicate shift between intuition and systematical occupation of space (the page).

Exhibition run: 26.03. – 10.05.2019
Opening: 23.03.2019, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Artists: Aglaia Konrad, Willem Oorebeek

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