nightwatch – ein visuelles Zusammenspiel von Kunst und Astronomie

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  • 6:30 p.m.
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    Naturhistorisches Museum Wien
  • 133_Ulrich Werner_m_w_aus gleichnamiger Serie_2014_C_Ulrich Werner.jpg Ulrich Werner, m_w, 2014 © Ulrich Werner
  • 133_Ulrich Werner_Bright Moons_Dark Planet Cassini-Mission_20. Juni 2011_Akelei Sell_spirali I_2012_Ulrich Werner_m_w_aus gleichnamiger Serie_2014_In The Company of Dione Cassini-Mission_18. Juni 2015.jpg Bright Moons , Dark Planet, 2011 | Akelei Sell, spirali I, 2012 | Ulrich Werner, m_w, 2014 | In The Company of Dione, 2015 © NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute | Akelei Sell | Ulrich Werner | NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI

The exhibition nightwatch presents works by the artists Angela Schwank, Akelei Sell and Ulrich Werner, juxtaposed with astronomical photographs, drawings and scientific graphics. The selection of images focuses on the aesthetic quality of structures. It invites us to discover formal and aesthetic parallels, and to link these to content-related associations.

The presentation is based on the cabinets of art and curiosities of the late Renaissance and Baroque periods, which were designed to convey a world view from a variety of perspectives. Objects from history, art and science assembled in showcases establish visual and thematic references to the images on the wall. The eponymous computer-generated photograph nightwatch stands for an inner perception of the night.

Exhibition run: 10.04. – 24.06.2019
Opening: 09.04.2019, 6:30 p.m.

Curator: Angela Schwank
Participating artists: Angela Schwank, Akelei Sell, Ulrich Werner

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