OstLicht Young Editions / Piero Percoco, Silin Liu, Paweł Jaszczuk

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  • 6 p.m.
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    OstLicht. Galerie für Fotografie
  • 328_Piero Percoco_C41 Portrait_2018_C_Piero Percoco Piero Percoco, C41 Portrait, 2018 © Piero Percoco
  • 328_OstLicht_Pierro_Percoco_Laundry_2017_C_Piero Percoco Piero Percoco, Laundry, 2017 © Piero Percoco
  • 328_PaweL_Jaszczuk_Untitled_JESUS_2016_C_Paweł Jaszczuk Paweł Jaszczuk, Ohne Titel, aus der Serie »¥€$U$«, 2016 © Paweł Jaszczuk
  • 328_Silin Liu_Diana Spencer & Céline Liu_2014_C_Silin Liu Silin Liu, Diana Spencer & Céline Liu, 2014 © Silin Liu

Just in time for FOTO WIEN Galerie OstLicht presents a new platform for young photography titled OstLicht Young Editions. Piero Percoco, Silin Liu and Paweł Jaszczuk are the first to start. The Italian autodidact and Instagram shooting star Piero Percoco creates his works right on his doorstep. With humour and irony he photographs everyday life in the village, the growing up of his sister, granny’s culinary skills and sunbathing people on the beach of Bari. In I'm everywhere, Silin Liu from Beijing assumes the identity of her alter ego Céline Liu and travels with her through space and time. Posing with Andy Warhol, Lady Di or Simone de Beauvoir she inscribes herself into the history of the 20th century. In ¥€$U$, the Polish photographer Paweł Jaszczuk sets out to search for representations of Christ in pop culture. He shows us a world between spirituality and commerce, exemplified in Marian underwear, neon figures and Jesus swimming rings.

Exhibition run: 27.03. – 18.04.2019
Opening: 26.03.2019, 6 p.m.

Curators: Michael Kollmann, Corina Lueger
Participating artist: Paweł Jaszczuk, Silin Liu, Piero Percoco

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