• Date
  • 7 p.m.
  • Place
    Galerie Straihammer & Seidenschwann
  • 311_Robert Bodnar_organic screen #1_L_2017_C_Robert Bodnar Robert Bodnar, organic screen #1_L, 2017 © Robert Bodnar
  • 311_Robert Bodnar_Yellow Darkroom - Fotogalerie Wien_2017_C_Robert Bodnar Robert Bodnar, Yellow Darkroom - Fotogalerie Wien, 2017 © Robert Bodnar
  • 311_Robert Bodnar_liquid screen #1_1 [glitter&noise]_2017_C_Robert Bodnar Robert Bodnar, liquid screen #1_1 [glitter&noise], 2017 © Robert Bodnar
  • 311_Robert Bodnar_clonebrushed screen #1 aus [Cloning Toolbox]_2018_C_Robert Bodnar Robert Bodnar, clonebrushed screen #1 aus [Cloning Toolbox], 2018 © Robert Bodnar
  • 311_Robert Bodnar_counter-gradient #3; aus: [Cloning Toolbox]_2018_C_Robert Bodnar Robert Bodnar, counter-gradient #3; aus: [Cloning Toolbox], 2018 © Robert Bodnar

In Binary Restraint, Robert Bodnar continues his re-mapping of the boundaries of photography. He sets traditional, “handcrafted” photographic techniques on a collision course with highly developed digital technologies. Analogue images are forced into the binary logic of 0 and 1, photographic processes are translated into real space as installations. Archetypal structures such as screens and image noise are the conceptual reference points for his experiments with new pictorial formats. In images that refer both to the chemical past of the medium – with silver salt crystals – and to its present as abstract information in the semiconductor plates of electronic devices, the materiality of digital structures appears tangible. Photograms are just as much a part of Bodnar's historical canon as Photoshop copy stamps. The possibility of how photographic images manifest themselves is expanded. (Johan Nane Simonsen)

Exhibition run: 27.03. – 13.04.2019
Opening: 27.03.2019, 7 p.m.

Participating artist: Robert Bodnar

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