Schattenarchiv III

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  • 7 p.m.
  • Place
    Studio Eva Kelety
  • 156_Martin Gallhofer_Film_0166_6_2018_C_Martin Gallhofer Martin Gallhofer, Film_0166_6, 2018 © Martin Gallhofer
  • 156_Eva Kelety_J.T. #1_2018_C_Eva Kelety Eva Kelety, J.T. #1, 2018 © Eva Kelety
  • 156_Valerie Habsburg und Daniel Gallmetzer_Ich flieg dann mal los._2018_C_Valerie Habsburg/Daniel Gallmetzer Valerie Habsburg und Daniel Gallmetzer, Ich flieg dann mal los., 2018 © Valerie Habsburg/Daniel Gallmetzer
  • 156_Hannah Mayr_SchattenarchivIII_2018_C_Hannah Mayr Hannah Mayr, SchattenarchivIII, 2018 © Hannah Mayr

The works shown in the exhibition Schattenarchiv III were created by dealing with archives of various kinds – personal, foreign, (re)found, remembered and dreamed. They were hidden and now come to light, as fragments or even in their entirety.

How is memory and collected material dealt with? How do they influence each other? What can be discerned only through a reorganization, selection or transformation of the archive?

I have written it down.
My hands hold the pen.
No eraser there.
The paper was white.

I’ve read it.
I’m thinking.
Nobody interrupts me.
The colours are bright.

I recorded it.
My hands are holding the camera.
No delete button there.
The film was unexposed.

I experienced it.
At night when I was sleeping.
Nobody noticed it.
Maybe it is true after all.

We collected it.
Resonances arise.

Exhibition run: 29.03. – 05.04.2019
Opening: 28.03.2019, 7 p.m.

Participating artists: Andrea Felber, Martin Gallhofer, Daniel Gallmetzer, Valerie Habsburg-Lothringen, Eva Kelety, Hannah Mayr

Studio Eva Kelety
Säulengasse 10, 1090 Vienna
T Hannah Mayr +43 650 942 24 94
Mon – Fri 3 p.m. – 7 p.m., Sat & Sun 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Free admission

05.04.2019, 7 p.m.: Closing event