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  • 7 p.m.
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    Fotoatelier Setzer–Tschiedel
  • 157_Horst Stein_SMUZ_2_Fotoblock_02_2017_C_Stein Horst Stein, SMUZ 2_02, 2017 © Stein
  • 157_Horst Stein_SMUZ_2_Fotoblock_01_2017_C_Stein Horst Stein, SMUZ 2_01, 2017 © Stein
  • 157_Stein_SMUZ_1_Video_03_2017_C_Stein Horst Stein, SMUZ 1_03 (Eine Wasserwalze formt unablässig 3 Styroporplatten), 2017 © Stein
  • 157_Horst Stein_SMUZ_1_Video_02_2017_C_Stein Horst Stein, SMUZ 1_02 (Eine Ameise zieht einen Strohhalm über den Tisch und wird weggeblasen), 2017 © Stein
  • 157_Horst Stein_SMUZ_1_Video_01_2017_C_Stein Horst Stein, SMUZ 1_01 (Auflandiger Wind stülpt einen Mülleimersack nach außen), 2017 © Stein

The photographs and video projects in the exhibition SMUZ focus on the unclean, the discarded, the hopeless, the aesthetic and the formal.

It’s on top of it. It’s inside.
As a film. A poison. A solution.
Dirt is the contamination of surfaces or substances
and, like art, depends on context and individual perception.
What is clean? What is the opposite? Is there compurgation?

Is the dirt gone, is the problem gone?
People are also pulled through the dirt or pelted with dirt, they themselves are sometimes regarded as dirt that contaminates the respective culture. A pejorative imagery is increasingly gaining power.

Exhibition run: 26.03. – 31.03.2019
Opening: 26.03.2019, 7 p.m.

Participating artist: Horst Stein

Fotoatelier Setzer–Tschiedel
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