Stille Held*innen / Hinter den Kulissen der Graphischen

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  • 6 p.m.
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    Die Graphische
  • 163_Juliette Patton und Marie Siebert_Jing Yi Yuan_2018_C_Juliette Patton_Marie Siebert Juliette Patton und Marie Siebert, Jing Yi Yuan, 2018 © Juliette Patton, Marie Siebert
  • 163_Flora Mayrhofer_Harry Pint_2018_C_Flora Mayrhofer Flora Mayrhofer, Harry Pint, 2018 © Flora Mayrhofer
  • 163_Dominic Duhs_Erich_Pfeisl_2018_C_Dominic Duhs Dominic Duhs, Erich_Pfeisl, 2018 © Dominic Duhs

Stille Heldinnen*innen – Hinter den Kulissen der Graphischen is a photography project of the 4th grade photography course in cooperation with some students of the 4th grade graphics course. For the project, the pupils set out to portray people who work at the Graphische but are not teachers or pupils, i.e. employees from the laboratory, porter's lodge, cleaning, doctor’s office, secretariat, administration and workshops.

However, they were not asked to take only a "quick" photo. The pupils spent a few hours or up to a whole day with the person to be photographed, getting to know them and their tasks better, which gave them an opportunity to think outside the box and to see who is in charge of which tasks. A further concern of the photo project was to honour the commitment of those who, working "quietly and in the background," make the smooth running of the school possible in the first place.

Exhibition run: 22.03. – 05.04.2019
Opening: 22.03.2019, 6 p.m.

Curators: Ulrich Eigner, Sabine Jencek
Participating artists:
Nicole Brosch, Paula Cremer, Dominic Duhs, Jakob Eder, Pauline Ernstberger, Thomas Gneist, Sebastian Göschl, Patrick Green, Lukas Haberl, Magdalena Hassek, Rebekka Kremser, Luca Laimer, Laurenz Laßnig, Tobias Margiol, Mara Martinu, Flora Mayrhofer, Juliette Patton, Julia Payrits , Felix Piller, Alina Raab, Malavika Sattler, Marie Siebert, Helene Wimmer

Höhere Graphische Bundes-, Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt
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