tour d’horizon

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  • 166_Eva-Maria Raab_folded sea n1_2018_C_Eva-Maria Raab_Bildrecht Wien.jpg Eva-Maria Raab, folded sea n°1, 2018 © Eva-Maria Raab, Bildrecht Wien
  • 166_Eva-Maria Raab_Wellenanalyse n1_2017_C_Eva-Maria Raab_Bildrecht Wien.jpg Eva-Maria Raab, Wellenanalyse n°1, 2017 © Eva-Maria Raab, Bildrecht Wien
  • 166_Eva-Maria Raab_stop and go - wave 2_2017_C_Eva-Maria Raab_Bildrecht Wien.jpg Eva-Maria Raab, stop and go - wave 2, 2017 © Eva-Maria Raab, Bildrecht Wien

In tour d’horizon, Eva-Maria Raab presents current works in which she captures the sea using cyanotypes and explores photography in a media-reflective way.

Eva-Maria Raab has been working with cyanotype since 2015. This examination of the photographic printing process has inspired an engagement with fundamental questions relating to the creation of a photograph. In her analyses, she attempts to capture water waves from the moment they appear until they break – similar to cinematographic stills. The different stages of the water waves overlap, or become blurred in the truest sense of the word.

The horizon above the sea is another central element in Eva-Maria Raab’s work. The artist investigates the tension between the delimiting horizontal line and the view into distant infinity. Her current work involves the folding of negatives, so as to further elucidate the process of creating an image.

Exhibition run: 25.03. – 30.03.2019
Opening: 23.03.2019, 11 a.m.
Art breakfast with coffee & pastry

Curator: Eva-Maria Raab
Participating artist: Eva-Maria Raab

Sechshauserstraße 47, 1150 Vienna
Mon –Sat 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Free admission

30.03.2019, 2:30 p.m.: Walk (DE)
Guided tour through the exhibition, registration requested: