Weil es mich gibt

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  • 122_Christopher-Mavric_Bernadette_St-Nikolai_2018_C_Christopher Mavric Christopher Mavric, Bernadette, St-Nikolai, 2018 © Christopher Mavric
  • 122_Christopher-Mavric_Andreas_Graz_2017_C_Christopher Mavric Christopher Mavric, Andreas, Graz, 2017 © Christopher Mavric
  • 122_Christopher-Mavric_Lucilla_Voitsberg_2017_C_Christopher Mavric Christopher Mavric, Lucilla, Voitsberg, 2017 © Christopher Mavric
  • 122_Christopher-Mavric_Hans_Bad-Aussee_2018_C_Christopher Mavric Christopher Mavric, Hans, Bad-Aussee, 2018 © Christopher Mavric
  • 122_Christopher-Mavric_Christa_Trofaiach_2018_C_Christopher Mavric Christopher Mavric, Christa, Trofaiach, 2018 © Christopher Mavric

The portrait series Weil es mich gibt (Because There’s Me) highlights an aspect of our society that has, at a time of political and social transformations, vanished from the sphere of public perception: The focus is on the lives of elderly people with intellectual disabilities.

Over the past two years, the photographer Christopher Mavrič has portrayed over forty seniors, aiming to bring into relief their distinct and sometimes strong personalities.

The portraits were taken at several Lebenshilfe locations in Styria in a total of twelve cities, including Graz, Murau, Bad Aussee, Feldbach, Fürstenfeld, Judenburg and Leibnitz.

The photos are accompanied by short biographies of the people portrayed, researched and recorded by journalist Stefan Schlögl (DIE ZEIT, Der Standard, Falter). Parallel to the exhibition, the book Weil es mich gibt by Stefan Schlögl and Christopher Mavrič will be published by Bibliothek der Provinz.

Exhibition run: 28.03. – 31.03.2019
Opening: 27.03.2019, 6:30 p.m.

Participating artist: Christopher Mavrič

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